Jobs & Economy

Jobs and the Economy

Lane County needs more jobs. Pat understands that government has a key role to play in job creation and that elected leaders must adopt policies that will foster—not hinder—job growth. Pat has more than thirty years’ experience creating jobs in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. As County Commissioner, Pat will build partnerships between government and employers to attract jobs, recreation and shopping to our region. Pat knows that economic recovery in Lane County will be slow: as one of the last regions in the nation to slide into recession, Lane County is likely to be one of the last to climb out too. He will make supporting our region’s economic recovery a top priority.  He has witnessed the frustration of Rexius and Glory Bee being unable to find suitable land in Eugene and moving their manufacturing outside of the city.  We need to make sure that companies who want to locate here or grow here have the backing of the cities and the county.