Pat Farr is universally supported by unions, businesses, community leaders, and elected officials! Below is a list of some supporters (not complete).

  • Eugene Realtors Association
  • James Manning, State Senator (D), Eugene
  • Sean Vangordon, Springfield Mayor
  • Randy Groves, Eugene City Councilor
  • Greg Evans, Eugene City Councilor, Educator, Former NAACP Oregon and Washington State President
  • Mike Clark, Eugene City Councilor
  • Mike Fleck, Cottage Grove City Councilor
  • Jon Barofski, EWEB Commissioner
  • John Brown, EWEB Commissioner
  • Linda Hamilton, Lane Education Service District Board
  • Rick Hamilton, 4j School Board Member
  • Claire Hall, Lincoln County Commissioner
  • Sharon Meieran, Multnomah County Commissioner
  • Lianne Thompson, Clatsop County Commissioner, Land Conservation and Development Commissioner (LCDC)
  • Jack Roberts, Former Labor Commissioner & Lottery Commissioner
  • Debi Farr, Former State Representative, Bethel School Board
  • Byron Trapp, Former Lane County Sheriff
  • Mike Cowles, Former Lane County Assessor
  • Joe Berney, Former Lane County Commissioner
  • Sid Leiken, Former Lane County Commissioner
  • Bill Dwyer, Former Lane County Commissioner
  • Brian Obie, Former Eugene Mayor
  • Jim Torrey, Former Eugene Mayor
  • Chris Pryor, Former Eugene City Councilor, Lane County Budget Committee Board Member
  • Bobby Lee, Former Eugene City Councilor
  • George Poling, Former Eugene City Councilor
  • Dale Stoneburg, Former Lane County Budget Committee Board Member
  • Rich Cunningham, Former Bethel School Board Member & EWEB Board Member
  • Dan Buckwald, LCSO Captain(ret.)
  • John VanLandingham, Civil Rights Attorney, Eugene Housing Policy Board
  • Mary Walston, Former Eugene School Board Member
  • Richie Wineman, Adjunct Professor, U of O
  • Henry Luvert, Former NAACP Director
  • Ilisa Rooke-Ley, Senior Judge, State of Oregon
  • Andy Storment
  • Jensina Hawkins
  • Dr. Ron Ewert
  • Kevin Alltucker
  • Rob Bennett
  • Lori Stenshoel
  • Jon Anderson
  • Todd Torrey
  • Craig Wanichek
  • Ron Tyree
  • Ralph Parshall
  • Jeff Elder
  • Paul Solomon
  • Roscoe Divine
  • Bill Inge
  • Gary Wildish
  • Anne Marie Levis
  • Betsy Schultz
  • Melinda Presciado
  • Pat Walsh
  • Jenny Ulum
  • Tim Campbell
  • Lian Thompson
  • Steve & Linda Korth
  • Ibrahim Coulibali
  • Glenda Poling
  • Megan Schultz
  • Joyce & Gary Malone
  • Matt Roberts
  • Joy Marshall
“I am thrilled to offer my full support and endorsement for Pat Farr’s re-election campaign as Lane County Commissioner. Having known Pat for many years, I can confidently attest to his unwavering dedication to serving the people of Lane County with integrity, compassion, and diligence.
Throughout his tenure as County Commissioner, Pat Farr has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to the well-being of our community. His proactive approach to addressing key issues such as public safety, affordable housing, homelessness, addiction, economic development, and environmental sustainability has made a significant and positive impact on the lives of Lane County residents.
Pat’s collaborative leadership style and ability to bring diverse stakeholders together have been instrumental in finding innovative solutions to complex challenges. Pat Farr has shown time and again that he is a tireless advocate for the best interests of our county.
Beyond his professional accomplishments, Pat’s genuine care for the people he serves truly sets him apart. He takes the time to listen to the concerns of constituents, working tirelessly to address their needs and ensure that their voices are heard in the decision-making process.”
Senior Judge, State of Oregon Ilisa Rooke-Ley

(partial list, titles are for identification purposes only)