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Commentary: Handy doesn’t merit re-election, Register Guard, 2/26/12

Handy doesn’t merit re-election

I am a lifelong Democrat who will not be voting to re-elect Rob Handy as Lane County commissioner. I don’t know Handy personally. I would like to think he is a nice person, but it is very obvious that he has no place in elected office. He simply lacks good judgment and a basic sense of what it right and wrong.

We need elected leaders we can look to for their ethical behavior, instead of forgiving their many (costly) transgressions. I have always voted for Democratic candidates whose values of honestly, justice and fairness I can relate to. Handy just doesn’t measure up.

Commissioner Faye Stewart said it best in his Feb. 19 guest viewpoint: “As elected officials, we are entrusted with power to make decisions that affect the lives of many. It is imperative that we exercise that power in the daylight so that the public is aware of the reasoning that goes into our decisions and whether we are deserving of their continued trust.”

For whatever reason, Rob Handy has proven himself incapable of this important task and does not deserve to be re-elected.

Robert W. Smith